Nadir day! Hooray! (Wait. What?)

Why “nadir day” and not “hump day”?  Because it is wholly inaccurate to my hoped for outcome.  See, a hump implies that it is the best point of the week because we consider “being on top” or the apex as being “good.”. And taken in the immediate moment, sure.  The week is half over.  Only a few days to the weekend. Etcetra. 

However.  Looking past that, a hump is defined as having and upward slope and a downward slope from that top point.  If you have to go up to get to the top, you must therefore go down once you are past it.  As I see my weekend as the apex of my week, this conflicts in my mind.  And I like accuracy. 


The middle of the week is my low point. The third day of work, one more to go (I work 10 hour days to get 3-day weekends.  Don’t envy. Realize I have 2 hours of driving on the days I do not telework, and a half hour unpaid lunch.  Figure 13-14 hours of my day is shot, and sleep is necessary in the remainin 10-11 hours of the day.  The extra day is devoted to erranding or appointments.)

The weekend is the high point.  So.  Happy Nadir Day!

About LexyWolfe

I am a writer of fantasy and occasionally science fiction.
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