Just when you think editing is the worst part of writing…

…you have to deal with a word processing program that was designed by programmers, not writers.  Yes, Microsoft, I’m looking at you and your “wonderful” creation of MS Word.  Do your designers actually TALK to anyone who uses these programs before you change the design?  Because seriously, you need to put in an option in the user settings to STOP THINKING FOR ME.

Gods’ sake.  Did you know that when trying to establish sections so headers and footers work right, mirrored margins will just randomly flip to the wrong mirror?  Do you have ANY idea how annoying it is, having to try to dig out all the code to reestablish it so maybe, just maybe, the page layout is proper for, I don’t know. Printing?

And don’t even get me started on those header and footer settings.  SUCH a pain in the butt.  And all that wonderful, somewhat random, functionality that you buried when you came up with this stupid ribbon thing.  Used to be able to find things by following the menus.  Not anymore!  Oh, no.  You put what SOMEone decided were the necessary things in the ribbon, and put the rest in the time capsule in the program.  My cats don’t dig in their litter box as much as I have to so I can find things.

Here is a suggestion, Microsoft.  Stop asking technical people, otherwise known as coders and developers, to design your stuff.  Stop being cute and creative and “Oh, look! We made it easier to use!”  {No.  No, you didn’t.  And if someone is telling you otherwise, fire them.  They are lying to you.}

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I am a writer of fantasy and occasionally science fiction.
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4 Responses to Just when you think editing is the worst part of writing…

  1. adtrosper says:

    You must have Microsoft Word 2010, like me. If you do, watch out of the automatic scene break and make sure you have it shut off or it will screw up your entire MS.


  2. Gary says:

    I use OpenOffice, It’s a little like on older ms works but you can set it up how you like and it works with ms doc’s. Also it;s free.


    • LexyWolfe says:

      I had OpenOffice years ago. It was fairly awkward back then. It may have improved since, but I own MS Office now, mostly because it’s what they have installed on my work machines, and it helps figuring stuff out for work if I’d used my personal time to wrestle the beast into submission. I am the go-to person for most of the people I know when MS Word is misbehaving for them.

      I used to have WordPerfect which used to be superior in every way to MSWord. Unfortunately, their upgrades started modeling Microsoft’s way of doing things, which annoyed the heck out of me.


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