Doom and the Warrior – the saga of the 20+ year old manuscript

While the storyline of The Sundered Lands Saga will eventually continue, I decided to revisit the first book I had ever written and attempted to get published.  Looking back at it, I could see… it needed work.  A lot of it.  I glossed over many things instead of actually writing them out.  Incongruities in the story that I did not notice until I really looked closer at what I had written.  So, it has now grown from originally 88k words to now 102k words and I’m hardly near finished with it.

Unfortunately, I am now stuck.  As I started from the beginning and began refining the story, things changed.  It’s not a bad thing.  It has improved it a lot.  But now, I keep finding things to do other than work on this manuscript.  I want to keep working on it, but I feel lost.   It is depressing and frustrating.  My inner troll has roused to this and it’s been a fight to keep my morale and self-confidence up.  So far, the troll is winning the battle and I’m not quite sure how to turn the tide of this battle by myself. 😦

About LexyWolfe

I am a writer of fantasy and occasionally science fiction.
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