Unwanted Vacations. Thank you, Congress

I will agree that the Affordable Care Act is not the best law.  How can it be, when it was put together by the same people who are now poised to shut down our government?  But it’s an attempt to rein in the excessive number of bankruptcies caused by medical bills.  Of course, it does not address the root cause, and that is the corporate medical community’s extortion.

Pharmaceutical companies can earn a profit, sure.  Not saying they should not.  But when the prices of new drugs put those who can least afford them into destitute states, when they price gouge those paying the bills, when all the profits go into the pockets of not the creators and laborers who produce the medicines but the CEOs and stockholders, and profits are in the millions, there is a problem.

Insurance companies are not much different.  If they could only insure the healthy, they would.  What better gimmick would there be than to offer a service that is never used?  Even life insurance pays out, even if you have to die.  (Ignore the fact they will try to find some reason not to.)  When they do pay out, the amount they pay is often criminal.  How else could a visit costing $150 be settled for less than $40?

And then there are those people who claim religious reasons for their stance.  What better way to stop abortions than to prevent pregnancies to begin with?  But no, they have to save every unborn life.  But screw them when they take their first breath.  No education, no food, no home, no nothing.  We need that money for defense!  Oh, we don’t want to pay our service members or veterans or civil servants.  We need to pay the contractors and the companies that make all the STUFF OF WAR!

Where I live has been so gerrymandered, there is absolutely no way anyone could tell me that the redistricting in my area was unbiased.  The Republicans keep trying to equate the current administration as Nazis.  It takes a lock-step marching hypocrite to know a fellow Nazi, right?

Thank you, Congress.  I didn’t want to pay my mortgage, my student loans, my utilities, or feed my family.  You already made any “program” that could help with the first two impossible for me to do by the rules you put in place to get them.  Maybe I should run for political office so I, too, can do nothing and get more benefits and pay than anyone else in this country.  Except for the CEOs who earn millions when they’re fired.  Where can I get in on that sweet severance package, huh?

I would like to do my job.  Would you kindly stop running for the next election and get back to doing yours?

About LexyWolfe

I am a writer of fantasy and occasionally science fiction.
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2 Responses to Unwanted Vacations. Thank you, Congress

  1. TerryMaggert says:

    Fun fact about Obamacare. My health insurance went from $119 to $338 overnight, with less coverage, fewer options, and a higher deductible.


    • LexyWolfe says:

      And honestly, I do not understand why anyone’s coverage went up or had to be dropped except for employers being pissy f*cks using it as an excuse to try to prove how horrible Obamacare is/will be. Most everywhere I have ever worked would be negotiating the premiums with carriers right now for next year and open season would be November-December. January should have been when anything had to change at all.


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