Help Me Break Writer’s Block

The first story I ever wrote was in the fourth grade.  We were given a list of three favorite things from some 1st-2nd grade students and we were supposed to write and illustrate a book with at least one of those items.  It ended up being a silly story about a cat, a kitten, a dog, and a roller skating rink where the pets learned how to roller skate because one had broken its leg and had a cast so couldn’t walk very well.

Later, I wrote two stories about dragons where the people I wrote them for had given me names they wanted used.  (One even had someone come back and ask her when the book for it was coming out.  Really should have followed up on that back then.  Seeds for the future, I suppose.)

So, I’m hoping that perhaps if someone would give me some seeds, I might be able to come up with something to get past my writer’s block.  I can’t guarantee anything would get written, and all I can offer is my utmost gratitude.  But if you’re willing, please send feedback with a few things you’d like to see incorporated into a story.  Names.  Strange words.  Critters.  Sorry, but I don’t write stories located on Earth, so if you include a place name, it will be used in a unique manner.

Thank you in advance. 🙂

About LexyWolfe

I am a writer of fantasy and occasionally science fiction.
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