Happy Veterans’ Day to my fellow vets and their families

Sometimes, we wonder if it was worth it.  With all the flack we get, the insincere platitudes by people using us to score political points, the losses we endure from things that seem less important than what others have suffered.

It hurts because we are supposed to be the strong ones, so we isolate ourselves and feeling alone just adds to the hurt.  We see so many who just do not get it and waste what they don’t even know they have.

When the question creeps into the back of your mind, that dark whisper making you doubt, look in the eyes of our future.   The children who have so much ahead of them.  The youth who embrace the future and seek to make the future better and fix mistakes of the past.  The adults who work for us all and the old who remember it is the people who matter, not money or fame or material things.

When you ask yourself, was it worth it?

Yes.  Yes it was.

Thank you.

About LexyWolfe

I am a writer of fantasy and occasionally science fiction.
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