The Sundered Lands Saga Reviews by Book Junkies

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When someone reviewing your books not only plows through three 100k+ word novels within five days, but also begs to make sure you’re going to write the continuations… well, let me tell you, it gives you one hell of a warm fuzzy.  I would be lying if I said reactions like this are why I write.  They aren’t.  The stories and the characters and my love for writing are why I write.  But they are the reason that encourages me to keep publishing them.

The Raging One, Book One, Book Junkies review

The Knowing One, Book Two, Book Junkies review

The Timeless One, Book Three, Book Junkies review

The first two of my books are linked in my book shop to the various sources they are available through.  The third is only available through as I am in the process of having a new cover made.

About LexyWolfe

I am a writer of fantasy and occasionally science fiction.
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