16 New Rules For Tipping At Restaurants

I try my best to tip appropriately. But every worker should start at minimum wage and be allowed tips on top of that. Not this using tips to reach minimum wage, because some businesses are assholes and won’t make up the difference. Which is illegal, but difficult to prove.

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Because we are all over the place, and we need to get it together and understand how the whole tipping thing works. Because, as a former food service worker and huge advocate for Not Treating Servers Like Assholes, I can say with confidence that some people’s lives depend on it.

1. First and foremost, if you are a person that doesn’t tip or — whatever this is supposed to mean — doesn’t “believe” in tipping (as though it were a figure in Greek mythology), you are not allowed to go to restaurants. You cannot afford to eat out, either financially or ethically, or both. Spare restaurant staff your presence.

2. Research exactly how much servers are paid in your state, and adjust your perception of the job accordingly. If you are still patronizing restaurants believing that these workers make minimum wage (and compare them to fast food workers who are

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2 Responses to 16 New Rules For Tipping At Restaurants

  1. Kol says:

    It’s a shame that what started as a way of rewarding good service has become an entitlement, regardless of service received. Also a shame other cultures aren’t taken into consideration. For example, some tourists don’t think to tip in the U.S. because tipping is considered rude and insulting in their home country. I don’t tip unless service has been good. It’s my wallet, so it’s my choice.


    • LexyWolfe says:

      I don’t see it as an entitlement. For instance, the minimum hourly wage for someone who receives tips in Pennsylvania is $2.83/hour. By law, normal minimum wage in PA is $7.25/hour. That is $4.42/hour that the server has to make up. And if it is a place that makes all the servers split the tips, they have to make more than that just to get their legal wages, and then they’ll feel resentful that Slacker-Sam is getting part of the money they busted their ass for. Not to mention those people who may be great servers but scheduled for a slow time, where someone who is not as good gets the bonus of having a lot more people tipping. (There are some unscrupulous places that will keep their servers’ tips altogether.)

      Yes, there are cultural differences. Some places regard it as an insult, that you are considering the person such a poor worker that they need help. It is the restaurants that are putting the onus on the customer to make up in wages what they aren’t paying up front. Personally, I think that all workers should get the standard minimum wage, and places post their policy on tips once that is in place.


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