Lexy’s Writing Log #3 – The Trouble With Writer’s Block



So, when it comes to writer’s block, there seems to be one go-to solution that often breaks me out from it. Unfortunately, it’s one that ends up being troublesome in itself. It’s adding a new character into the mix to stir things up.

This is not necessarily a BAD thing. A new character can be refreshing. However, I tend to come up with a lot of new characters and having to herd them all can become overwhelming, especially when real life shoves its way into my thought processes. I did that for The Fallen One when I didn’t know how to move the story forward with the original set of characters.

Now, people would suggest outlining my stories. After all, if I have a map forward, then that takes half the work out of things. But I end up either starting to write (and getting stuck periodically over and over) or it sounds utterly stupid and I recoil, cringe, slink away into a corner having to beat back the inner troll that likes to whisper how horrible everything is, how stupid, how inane. Hearing high fantasy boiled down to bullet points is rather like listening to that monotone dude narrating a nature documentary. “And here we have the noble lion, stalking her prey. See how she moves. Oh, dear, her prey has seen her. Now it is a race. Oh, no. It seems her prey has escaped. Next time, she will succeed. Otherwise, it is death by starvation.” Oh, how exciting. It just sets my little soul all a-quiver. 😛

And, while I flail with pushing forward with new stories, I also have to fight my self-esteem, which gets wounded further and further with a lack of marketing skills or finances to fund better marketing. Those who have read my work generally like it to adore it. Oh, sure, there are a few people who’ve bought into the “These are the Rules of the Publishing Gods. If it does not have A, B, C, X and Z, it is amateurish and worthless,” so they judge it harshly with authority.

I alternate between being thick skinned and altogether skinless. Great for a horror movie, but lousy for real life.  And really not useful for writing. It isn’t that I do not still have stories to tell. It’s that there doesn’t seem to be any point to writing them when no one cares. My sales numbers are abysmal. The number of reviews are even worse. Oh, to be that author that inspires word of mouth sales. A girl can dream. But the practical girl tends to douse those flickers of hope as fast as I can rekindle them. It’s tiring and exhausting.

About LexyWolfe

I am a writer of fantasy and occasionally science fiction.
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2 Responses to Lexy’s Writing Log #3 – The Trouble With Writer’s Block

  1. I think your books are fantastic and have been touting them to friends and family. The cool thing about publishing nowadays is you can leave your books out there forever and reap the rewards, however small, for as long as there is internet.

    I, for one, have been enriched because I’ve met you and read your book–and will soon read more because they are super FANTASTIC!

    So. Thank you for being the person you are and that you wrote the books that you have.


    • LexyWolfe says:

      You are most welcome, Jennifer. And thank you. Real life has been more challenging than usual and it has been as tiring as trying to climb up a mountain of loose gravel. I try to forge on by myself, but sometimes I need a little outside nudge.


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