That Special Joy in your Book as an Audiobook

The Raging One on

The Raging One on

Soon, I will be joining the ranks of those authors with books on as my narrator puts the final touches on the files for my first book. I can’t wait to share it with everyone! Jimmie Moreland is an amazing artist and I am honored and humbled to have him be the voice for my work.

Now, I have not always been a fan of audiobooks. When they first started coming out, they were books I was wholly uninterested in, which made their prices less attractive. Also, I hadn’t a clue how I’d bookmark. There’s a nice feel to being able to flip forward pages to see how far until a chapter break to nudge that cute bookmark where I intended to break for real life. (Gasp! Real life?! Oh, say it ain’t so, Lexy!) The ebook annoys me a bit for the not being able to flip back and forth easily, but there is a bookmark function. Not as cute as the bookmarks I’d buy, but I make do.

No, see, I tend to lose myself in stories, whether I am watching them, listening to them, or reading them (a bit of a challenge when there are those who enjoy discussing these things and prevent me from reaching total immersion.) And if I am doing something else like, oh, driving, getting lost in a book would be literally dangerous. (Literally literally, not figuratively literally. But that’s a rant for another day.)

However, Jimmie doesn’t just read the words. He breathes life into my characters. While I work on the fifth book in The Sundered Lands Saga, my characters now have clearer voices in my mind, more vibrant personalities. I can even visualize them better, which is a pretty damned good trick, since as a rule, I think in text, not images. (This and my lack of repeatable drawing talent effects is precisely why I don’t do graphic novels or the like. Stick figures challenge me.)

But just like getting the right actor for a part, getting the right voice for telling a story is very important. And I got extremely lucky. I will post when it will be available as soon as I know that myself. But soon. Soon! The Raging One will have a voice, and it will be glorious!

For now, back to work on The Unforeseen One.

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I am a writer of fantasy and occasionally science fiction.
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