Pulse check! Yep, I’m still here. Theoretically.

I have not been posting much to my blog, which I apologize for. I have been meaning to, but the more I try to make myself post, the more I find reasons to avoid it. What can I say? It’s the adolescent in me that does it. (I have a whole host of mindsets running around in my head. My inner toddler pops up when there are new toys about. My inner adolescent is great for stalling tactics when it comes to “chores” and other tasks. My inner adult likes to be a killjoy. Hate the inner adult. A lot.)

Also, I’m an introvert. Not sure if I’d always been one or just had it ingrained after years of being talked over and ignored to the point the only company I’d have is if I sat listening to someone else talking and nodding now and then. So, I have no idea what to talk about that wouldn’t bore people to tears. I usually clam up the moment I see the glassy look in the eye or the second or third time I get interrupted and I just give up talking altogether.

So, here I am. Still alive. Still fighting writers block, which is growing slightly distressing, given I’ve promised to have two new books out next year. Trying to figure out if I can successfully fund a crowd funding campaign to get more of my books made into audio books and not quite sure where to begin. And just difficulties with life in general.

Back to your regularly scheduled net cruising.

About LexyWolfe

I am a writer of fantasy and occasionally science fiction.
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