Progress! Closing in on 53k words


Book 3 for the Ravenhawk world is progressing nicely. As a pantser, or the more PC term, ‘discovery writer,’ I can’t plan a story to save my life. I have tried. I frequently fall into the trap of ‘the right way’ to write. This used to require my late husband to prod me out of the resulting funk. (Sometimes the prod was a proverbial boot to the ass because gods, I can be a stubborn bitch.)

It took me near three years to incorporate his prodding into my own psyche. Not that it is bad, mind you, but I do not think it is optimal. It required changing writing genres (man, I miss my fantasy) and a channeling a whole lot of anger and frustration into my murder-kitten Ravenhawk. (No, she isn’t a murderer. Exactly. But she gets to do what an aversion to prison fashion and nagging (excessively concerned) adult children keep me from doing.)

So. Why am I on book 3 when book 1 is incubating and will only hatch in 2019? Because inevitably, I will encounter a revelation in a subsequent story that must be addressed/corrected in the previous one. I am confident book 2 is now solid at this point for book 3. And then there will be book 4, which will likely solidify book 3. Overlap writing. It’s how I roll.

About LexyWolfe

I am a writer of fantasy and occasionally science fiction.
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