Quit yer bitchin’ about Amazon’s taxes

You know, I have been thinking about the whole “OMG Amazon is paying zero taxes!!!11!!” in the news. How many other massive corporations pulling in billions of dollars (or whatever currency in their countries of operation is) are paying zero or next to nothing in taxes because the tax codes LET them do it?
Because come on. If you could, you would be doing everything you legally could to pay as little tax as possible, too…so it means that all these massively profitable corporations (and/or their shareholders or other assorted rich tax skippers) are legally getting out of their social obligations to participate in society and pay their shares.
And this is what we let our legislators put in place with the dream that one day, we, too, could pay zero taxes and have millions to swim around in like Scrooge McDuck.
Except most of us will never, ever get even as close as McDuck’s kiddie pool vault. But we imagine we just might. I remember my dad once saying “Well, the more I am paying in taxes, it means the more money I am making.”
Now he talks like everyone else like taxes are the evil scourge because that is how they convinced us to cheer when the mega-rich (people and corporations, since corporations are people, too) pay less and cannot connect how we are paying more. One way or another.
I mean, if I become the next Stephen King of J. K. Rowling of the book world, yes, I will likely take every advantage of minimizing my taxes. But I also intend to do what I can to put people to work by hiring them. By paying artists for their works. And yes, some charities will benefit, too. But actually investing in people where I can, because that will have more impact on the economy than charity.

About LexyWolfe

I am a writer of fantasy and occasionally science fiction.
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