The Knowing One


Book 2 of The Sundered Lands Saga

After two thousand years, the Desanti god known as the Raging One had been freed from his imprisonment, releasing the Sundered Lands from chains that had been slowly tearing the fabric of reality apart.

But that hard won freedom came with a heavy price. At over 500 years old, Almek, the oldest wandering Guardian of Time, had already been feeling the weight of time. The journey and final battle served to accelerate the normal degradation of time on his body. That degradation could only be stopped with his return to Fortress, the home of the goddess of time, and returned to her embrace.

For all the power of Almek’s students, none could alter the natural course of the seasons, and the onset of winter made travel impossible. Without telling his students of the threat to him, Almek insisted they wait for the emissaries from Desantiva to recover from their near deaths. But their hard won victory could be lost if the children of Forenta and Desantiva, enemies since before the Second Sundering, cannot discover a way to bridge the chasm between their cultures in time to save their friend and master.

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