The Raging One


Book 1 of The Sundered Lands Saga

Still reeling from an ancient war, the world has begun showing signs of unraveling. To save their world, a select group of the most gifted elite must form an alliance and find a solution before it is too late. But, can these historically incompatible members of the remaining nations cooperate despite their ancestral biases and distrust? Or will shadows consume them before they can succeed?

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2 Responses to The Raging One

  1. Jesús Delgado says:

    I’m in love with the fantasy genre; and I added to my Amazon wishlist.


    • LexyWolfe says:

      Thank you! There are three ebooks available. I’m getting the covers redone and setting them up for physical print-on-demand. I’m so totally in love with the first cover. Blue Harvest Creative did an awesome job.


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