4th of July Dragon’s Call Giveaway!


Awesome series. And dragons!

Originally posted on A.D.Trosper:

The 4th of July marks the birthday for my nation (well kind of, but its the official day anyway). So as way of saying Happy Birthday, United States I’m doing a giveaway of Dragon’s Call.

What’s in the giveaway? 

Two complete, signed, paperback sets of Dragon’s Call books. (U.S. residents only)

Two free audio copies of the first book, Embers at Galdrilene (open to everyone)

Two free full sets of the e-books.  (open to everyone)

Full sets include: a copy each of the prequel A New Beginning, and the novels Embers at Galdrilene, Tears of War, and Ashes and Spirits.


How do you enter?

Well, I’m going to do this a bit differently this time. I don’t really want to do Rafflecopter so instead, there are only one thing you need to do to enter.

1. Comment on this post telling me either why you love dragon stories or (if…

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My #RWBY Playlist

So, I finally got around to properly adding the second season of RWBY to my YouTube playlist. If you want to see all the existing–and official Roosterteeth sourced–videos, look no further. They’re all collected here. Come see the first American-made anime that Japan is raving about. It begins with the Red Trailer through the finale of season 2.

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Pushing kids to read books they don’t like


Yes. This. I have been asking since middle school. And I am old. :p

Originally posted on A.D.Trosper:

Today I ran across an article about how Shakespeare is required in school whether or not kids have any interest in it all.

Then I ran across a summer reading program where they are paying kids to read. Kids read the books, write a report and send it in, then receive a check for up to 40.00 for their efforts. They can repeat this as often as they want throughout the summer. The catch, they have to read books on the list offered by the site who is doing this.

Then I ran across a post on Facebook about eating what you’re told when you’re a kid.


All of it started to connect in my mind and it bothered me. By forcing kids to read the books we think are classics (who the hell decided they were classics in the first place?), by forcing them to read from a strict…

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Today’s Thought – Great Big Universe

Something to think about today. :)

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My Books Have Proud New Reader To Call Their Own <3

A young reader with her new books.

A young reader with her new books.

I think the only thing that makes me happier than knowing someone is holding one of my books is when it’s a young person who is with such obvious joy and excitement. Despite what society wants to believe, there are still people who read. This lovely young lady is one of the readers of the future. :)

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My Mind To Your Mind – A Question Of Perceptions

I’ve asked this question since I was young. In a way, I am glad to know that I’m not the only one, nor that I missed the answer, since there is none yet. And fascinating imagining how to answer it.

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A True To The Spirit of the Arts Speech by Robert De Niro

Art gives you no choice. To try to deny it is spiritual suicide. Make room for it. For yourself. For your partners. For your children.

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